Disclosure verification of debt

I checked my credit report on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX and noticed a debt collection agency was on there. I have NO clue what this is, so I contact XXXX. They tell me to contact the agency. I have NEVER been given written or verbal notice that I even owed this debt. XX/XX/XXXX, I made a trip to my local XXXX. and was issued a bill. I was given a verbal arrangement via phone with the billing department that I could make payments. I was issued a monthly bill and paid regularly until XXXX when I stopped receiving the monthly statements. I assumed the bill was paid in full at that time. I contacted XXXX Hospital billing department on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX, since that is where the debt originated. I was informed that the debt was taken over by a collection agency called XXXX in XXXX. I had absolutely NO notice that this was taking place! I only learned about it yesterday, because I checked my credit report. I have NEVER been contacted by IMC, nor was I given notice by XXXX Hospital that they were giving my debt to a collection agency. Again, I thought the bill had been paid in full because I stopped receiving anything from XXXX Hospital. How can this happen and be placed on someone ‘s report without their knowledge? I have lived at the same address since XX/XX/XXXX and have had the same phone # for just as long. There can not be an excuse of not being able to contact me! Furthermore, it has apparently been sitting there for 3 years now. How do I go about getting this resolved?

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