Disclosure verification of debt

Hello, A while back I had to have my credit pulled so my wife and I could get pre-approved for a home. XXXX of my credit scores were great, while XXXX was roughly XXXX. I found out that I had a delinquent balance of {$90.00} from XXXX XXXX regarding a bill I did not pay because I no longer lived at the apartment I moved out of. I canceled my cable subscription and returned my equipment and was not aware of any termination fee. That being said, I paid the collection bill right when I found out. It was for {$90.00}. That was back in XXXX 2015. Now I had my credit pulled again to refinance my car. The collection was still on my credit report as unpaid. I called XXXX and they told me to contact Enhanced Recovery Company. XXXX told me that there were XXXX open delinquent non-payments of {$90.00}. They had finally told me that I paid it off in XXXX of 2015 after telling me several times that there was no payment on that account. The reason for XXXX open cases is because they gave the collection back to XXXX XXXX and then XXXX XXXX asked for it again creating XXXX delinquencies. I was not aware of any of this during the years this has been attacking my credit. I now can not get approved for the car loan I want.

They told me they can only update the file and they ca n’t tel XXXX or whoever to remove it despite it being their mistake. I spoke to a XXXX XXXX at this company. I am looking for someone to get this removed from my credit report so it wo n’t bring it down for 7 years. It started as a bill I had no idea about because I no longer lived at that residence and was not told about it. Then it turned into a collection that a company did not even list it as paid until yesterday. This is really hurting my credit and I am hoping the CFPB can help. I really appreciate what you do. This coming from a person that lives in the state where XXXX XXXX is my Senator knowing she played such a pivotal role at the creation being nominated.

Please let me know what I can do for this collection agency to have it removed. Thank you!


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