Disclosure verification of debt

I was XXXX contact by this company on XXXX XXXX, 2015. A man left a voicemail on my personal cell phone instructing me to call back regarding a business matter. They also contacted various members of my family that same day within an hour of leaving the voicemail for me. I attempted to return the call XXXX different times that day, only to be placed on hold for upwards of XXXX minutes, before either being transferred to a random voicemail or getting disconnected.

XXXX days later, I received a ” final notice ” letter from their legal department ( dated and postmarked XXXX XXXX, 2015 ), telling me I owe over {$3000.00} – an amount I do n’t recognize – and demanding I pay the full balance of my account within XXXX days or the company will commence litigation and that they are presently compiling information regarding any property I own. It goes on to state that I will also have to pay the company an additional 10 % interest! plus court fees! attorney fees and processing fees. The letter states nothing of my right to dispute this debt, only that if I want to avoid further legal action, to contact them and that if I do n’t pay them within XXXX days, they will assume I ‘m not going to and will sue me.

I ‘ve already mailed a certified letter back requesting both verification of the debt and that they stop contacting me, but have not received the delivery confirmation for this letter yet.

I received another phone call from this company today, XXXX XXXX, 2015, again asking me via voicemail to call regarding a vague ” business matter ” and am hearing from the same family members as before that they are being contacted again as well.

Also of note, the phone number for the most recent call was the same sequence of numbers as before, but appears on my caller ID as if it ‘s coming from another country ( i.e., XXXX as the country code, rather than XXXX for a XXXX number ).

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