Disclosure verification of debt

To whom this may concern, When i checked my credit report i seen where a debt was reported by national credit services. I filed XXXX disputes with XXXX and did n’t receive any verification to prove debt was mines. I had an apartment with XXXX in and had a XXXX incident which resulted in me throwing away thousands of dollars worth of household furniture and my son being XXXX and washing all of our clothes and shoes costing me hundreds of dollars, when i called the office about the incident they informed they would n’t compensate for the furniture or the clothes but told me i could terminate the lease but i was still entitled to pay XXXX 2014 rent which i paid. I tried calling collection agency and spoke with XXXX XXXX who advised me the incident had nothing to do with him he just collects the money. I faxed copy of my bank statement and fair credit report act to XXXX and they advised they do n’t verify if debt is actually yours with written documentation they just call. i spoke with supervisor from XXXX who didnt call me back. This has been a disaster i am a single dad and this is hindering from getting an apartment. Please Help!!!!!

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