Disclosure verification of debt

XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX ACM Group FTC MATTER/FILE NUMBER : XXXX XXXX CIVIL ACTION NUMBER : XXXX This firm called my elderly mother looking for me, she ‘s in XXXX, I ‘m in XXXX. They tried to have her ” identify me ” by telling her my former addresses ( what? ). They told her I need to sign a legal or court document called a ” Preliminary Notice of Further Action ” regarding a debt w/in 72 hours. They left a number for me to call back.
I called it and was told this is ACM Group ; we were hired by someone who is collecting a debt for XXXX. ( I googled ACM Group and found on page XXXX the FTC data ). ACM said they were calling ” to establish my direct refusal to pay ”. I asked him to ID the debt before I refused to pay it, he gave me XXXX digits, I said this does n’t help. I asked for the nature of the debt, he said an installment loan. I said I never had an installment loan – I ‘ve had many accounts with XXXX, but most were deposits and my HELOC was repaid 4-5 years ago in full. He said he would recommend that his client file a ” Preliminary Notice of Further Action ”, then. I asked what that was and said he should hold off and just send me a proof of debt, he refused, and said it would take too long. I told him I pay my debts if I owe them – I then asked him to read the itemization on this account. He said he would email my file to me if I would read it now. I was at work, and told him that ‘s not a secure way to transmit this info, and again asked him to mail me his records. I asked how else can I determine what the account he has is. I do n’t think I finished before he hung up on me.
I have been called by XXXX-XXXX other collection firms over 3 years about a phantom XXXX account. I always ask for proof of the debt and an itemization of charges because I do not know of any current XXXX debt. After that I never hear back from that collector.
My poor Mom is freaked out, she wants to know if I need money or if I ‘m in trouble, she ‘s unnecessarily worried. I ‘m fine, healthy, well employed and do not need her help.
This sucks! I need your help!!.
I called XXXX and was told they have no active accounts of mine, but they might have sold some debt, or maybe not. I asked what debt and was told ” maybe not ”.

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