Disclosure verification of debt

i was told in 2011 by a XXXX Rep that i was not under a Contract with them anymore, so she set up to send me Boxes to put Their Equipment in & they set up a XXXX Installer to come by my Home & pick the Equipment up, he did & put it into their System to prove it. Now here ‘s where it takes a Twist, XXXX waited 4 years to send me a Bill stating I owed them an Early Cancellation Fee & 2 Months of Service, so while i was on XXXX during this time, I was being Charged for XXXX that i was Told i was Paid up in Full on my Account & i was n’t under a Contract. This is Unreal! I called the ERC ( Enhanced Recovery Company , LLC ) & argued this Fact that i was Told totally Different Information then they were Stating, she then said that it Did n’t Matter ‘ I HAD TO PAY or it would Stay Pending on my Credit Report, so I payed the Bill or actually a Settlement of {$270.00} & she said she was going to Contact The Credit Bureau or whomever to have it Deleted from my Credit Report, she said call back in! 0 days. It better be gone quick because that knocked a Hole in my Credit & i was n’t even aware of any of this till 4 days ago when i went to my Mailbox & opened this Statement ( Which i will say i do not owe until I ‘m pushing up Dirt ), My point being is, How can a Rep tell me I ‘m all Good, Send me Boxes for Equipment to be Picked up & then 4 years Later they say i was n’t out of the Contract & i was Charged an Early Cancellation Fee ( But They sent me Boxes in 2011 to Pick up Equipment & i did n’t owe them XXXX XXXX ) but i was charged for 2 months of Service when the Equipment was in their Warehouse & the XXXX for XXXX was Removed from my House & i was Watching XXXX XXXX, they are Liars, plain & simple. I did n’t know what to do so I just Payed the Thief ‘s!!!!! I have the Confirmation #, showing i Settled with them, but it ‘s STILL HANGING UP on my Credit & XXXX XXXX are rough, XXXX are really nice, this is just making me look Stupid. If it is n’t DELETED as promised from my Credit I might Snap!

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