Disclosure verification of debt

I am trying to purchase a home and was advised that I needed to resolve a XXXX account that had a blanace of XXXX. I did not understand how the balance could be that large for XXXX phone line so I called on XXXX/XXXX/2016 to ERC the listed agency who holds the debt. The could n’t give me any information nor had I ever had any contact with them or notification of debt from them previous to the conversation. I told them I did n’t agree with the balance. They failed to put my account in a dispute status at that time because of a comment I made about wanting to contact XXXX for more information regarding the account and large balance. I had said that I would call back. Despite me wanting to contact the original creditor the fact that I told them I do not agree with the debt they should have moved the account into a dispute status. They did not causing further delay in being approved for a home loan. I did not contact them back until XXXX but I did contact XXXX and they gave me the numbers that were on the account and the alternate numbers were for my mom and my brother. I never authorized them to get on my account and they did n’t think they were on my account either further confusing me as to how I ended up with such a large balance. In XXXX I received a letter from ERC offering a settlement on a XXXX account for XXXX. I thought this was an amazing opportunity to pay off this debt. What a good deal right! Wrong, I called in and paid the settlement by phone and thought it was all said aand done only to find out almost a month later when advised by my broker that the account had n’t updated on my credit that I paid a whole different XXXX account. I never received any communication from them regarding the second account. Was not advised that I had a second account with them when I spoke to them on XXXX/XXXX/2016 and when I called to pay the settlement was n’t asked again about the first account. My first contact with them regarding the second account was when I got the settlement letter and called to pay the settlement. So by then I was pretty upset and again being delayed in the approval for a home loan. I called to request a refund on the account that I paid the settlement and a request to put that into dispute to since I was unaware of an additional account. That ‘s when I found out they had not even put my first account with the large balance on my credit in dispute at all yet. I made sure that they put it in a dispute status then ( this was the end of XXXX ) I sent a request for more information letter which I used the CFPB sample letter to write up. I sent that via certified mail. ERC received the letter on XXXX/XXXX/2016 but on XXXX based on my phone call I assume, they mailed me verification of debt which consisted of just XXXX biling statements. They provided that for the first account but not the second account. I still have not received anything for the second account. Also no one has been able to explain how the phone numbers were added to the account. XXXX said I had to file fraud. I do plan on doing so I just have not had the opportunity to file fraud with them yet. I will file a separate complaint for the second account so that they each have their own and link this complaint number in the second XXXX.

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