Disclosure verification of debt

When I tried to apply to our credit union for a car loan, I was turned down due to XXXX outstanding debts on my credit report. Both were from XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX ; XXXX in the amount of {$450.00}, the other {$170.00}. Both were dated XXXX/XXXX/11. I called XXXX to see how to pay these, and they said since they were so old, they could find no record of them. I even told them what my last name was at that time and gave them the address of where I was living at that time. I explained that on the credit report a company named Remit Corporation was listed as the debt collector, but they said they did n’t know what company that was. They gave me the number of the company they use for debt collection, so I called them. That company is also telling me they have no record, using both my name or my social security number. So, if there is no record of these so I can pay them and get them off of my credit report, I would like to know why they are still there and PLEASE GET THEM OFF OF MY CREDIT REPORT! Thank you for your assistance.

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