Disclosure verification of debt

I received a call when I was at work at XXXX on Monday, XXXX XXXX from XXXX. She introduced herself as a debt collector calling w/Fidelity to obtain a debt. She informed it will be recorded. She than informed me I had a bill for {$53.00} from XXXX but it has not yet been reported to the Credit Agency. I told her I am so sorry ( as I thought it was covered by my insurance ) and that I am more than happy to pay this Friday, XX/XX/XXXX and can she please send a letter and/or email confirming it will not reflect on my credit report at all. She said she does n’t have any way to do that, I asked if her manager can please send me an email. She placed me on hold than placed XXXX XXXX XXXX on the phone. He was extremely rude and continued to over talk me and say no one can do this. I asked if I can possibly speak with or get contact information from his manager as I was working with a lender who informed me to do this specifically. Finally after I stated I have no problem paying I just want something affirming it will not be on my credit report and can you please give me an email or contact number for your manager. He said you can speak w/him directly and when I asked again for his direct number ( to ensure he was not a co-worker and an actual manager ) he ignored my request and transferred me to a gentlemen. I started speaking w/him and after about 10 seconds and no response from him I looked at my phone and they disconnected the call. I tried calling back twice and it just rings, no way to contact them. I still have no way of paying this as I have searched for Fidelity and there are many. Please assist as soon as possible, I am also in the process of contacting XXXX.
Thank you!

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