Disclosure verification of debt

XX/XX/2015 I had enough of my phone carrier with it ‘s shoddy service and extremely poor customer service and attempted to reclaim some of my monies by filling a XXXX complaint and discontinue my phone service before my next due date so I could switch to another service. I made numerous attempts since i had bought the phone to correct the issues I was having with the service. Each time i was met with rude and discourteous agents who could barely speak English and could never fix my issues. i had only found out about the issue when I got a notice that some of my social security funds was to be terminated because they could not get a response from me when they called. It did n’t matter if I had full bars or not i got numerous reports that callers would get recorded messages that my phone was no longer in service, been disconnected, no longer had any minutes or that the number was not valid. it would not go to my voice mail and I had an unlimited plan. I became more aware that there was an issue when i got a call from a government agency on my care takers phone because mine kept saying it was no longer in service. During the call I made sure the my phone was in a good area with full bars and had the person call my phone again and viola the message stated my phone was not in service despite me being right there with full bars! I did n’t think I would get a refund for a full year but asked for it thinking they would want to retain me as a consumer and credit me with a month of service so I could comfortably switch services without interruption after all i am on a very limited fixed income for XXXX. Still i had started making calls on XXXX XXXX to XXXX family mobile to discontinue my service which they refused to do. In the XXXX complaint # XXXX XXXX XXXX Executive Response for XXXX XXXX stated I was on a no annual contract which means i can discontinue the service at any time. On XXXX XXXX at XXXX i spoke with a supervisor that stated I was on an annual contract and would not shut my service off until after the next billing cycle which was the XXXX which was stated by all the reps on my previous attempts to shut off service. I asked to schedule the disconnect for that day and it was agreed. Per there websit to cancel my service i had to contact them. I tried to cancel my service more then 15 days before the current paid cycle was over. On XX/XX/XXXX my phone was shut off and it ‘s services were not used again. i got new service through XXXX and thought that was the end until I got a notice that XXXX had been breached and they would pay 2 years of monitoring of my credit reports. After reviewing those reports I found that I had been sent to multiple collection agency ‘s for {$79.00} from XXXX XXXX. It clearly states on their website that XXXX XXXX does not send paper bills out and I never received a bill of any form from family mobile nor any notice of arbitration or legal action. Since i did not know XXXX XXXX felt i owed them money I could not dispute the charges or seek arbitration within the time limits. There was no service to the phone when I turned it off. Now I understand why the refused to discontinue my service. i did my part and contacted XXXX XXXX to discontinue service in a timely fashion and feel that the refused to end my service so they could accrue more charges and by not sending a bill limit my ability to dispute. I feel that XXXX XXXX policy ‘s are deceptive and unethical and deliberately refused to end my service to defraud me out of more funds and in retaliation for filing XXXX complaint.

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