Disclosure verification of debt

I ‘m reporting on ATG Credit. This firm claims to be collecting on a medical debt. They claim it was with XXXX XXXX XXXX. I asked for verification because I never heard of them. They said that was my responsibility. I also explained if I did owe this debt I had just lost everything, First my health, XXXX. My home was lost due to my health … They said and I quote ” I do n’t care about you just if your going to pay your bill ”. Then he added ” I will write you refuse to pay your bill down on the comments ”. I said please do n’t I do n’t refuse I just want verification that I actually owe it. Then he hung up on me. I called back to try to work something out and they said ” you went to this hospital and they gave you care to feel better, why wo n’t you pay your bill? ” I responded that I ‘m now XXXX and finding it difficult to make ends meet. He said ” I pay my bills why do n’t you pay yours? “. I was literally in tears now. I was never given any proof or a right to dispute notice or anything. I ‘m sick, and doing the best I can despite my situation, how dare these dirt bags make such comments!

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