Disclosure verification of debt

I called Midland Funding LLC after I noticed a strange issue on my credit report. called XXXX. The representative refused to submit information to me regarding verification of this so called debt.

I have not had any credit cards for 8 years, that I am aware of, and tried to explain this to the clown on the other end of the phone at midland funding. He acted stupid, treated me as though I was stupid, stated I do this all the time when I call. However, I have never called them till today.

The representative responded to me with abusive and demeaning comments all during the conversation, as though, I were lying to him regarding my assessment of the account and request for verification.

These people at Midland Funding are a disgrace to the debt collection industry.

He then refused to acknowledge I was stilol on the phone by saying I cant hear you … .you still there … .Hello ….

He knew I was still there he just did not want to deal with my law protected request for information. THIS SI A DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE FDCPA GUIDELINES!!!!

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