Disclosure verification of debt

I am currently disputing multiple errors on my credit report, and have been threatened in the past for bank accounts I do not have. I have been called from XXXX to XXXX daily for months by a man giving his name only. He will not tell me what the debt is regarding, and has refused to tell me anything until I give my full address and verify my full name. I have no idea who this man is, and he calls from various numbers. I told him that until he sent verification or disclosed anything about why he was calling, I could not verify my name. The most upsetting part is that I had a major accident XX/XX/2016, and have XXXX. Basically, I have had XXXX, and this one was so bad that I had to wait months before I could form sentences, and my XXXX is still recovering. This man called during this time, in XXXX 2016, when my memory was spotty. I do n’t remember speaking to him except to tell him that I had a concussion and was not ableXXXX to speak well or remember, but when I checked my credit report ( XXXX ), an unknown account was charged off because of whatever I said when I was recovering from a XXXX. The date is the same, and it ‘s quite a coincidence. I ‘m disputing the account, so should he be calling me?
It took a lot of time, XXXX, but I believe this man, XXXX something, who last called from XXXX on XXXX/XXXX/2016, ( it ‘s now disconnected ), has been harassing me for some debt I can not trace, even on my credit report. I have student loans, but in deferment because I ‘m XXXX, and no other debt collection calls. This is crazy! What can I do?

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