Disclosure verification of debt

I found out that Midland Funding LLC add a collection account in my XXXX credit report. This account does n’t appear in the other XXXX Credit The actual amount that appears as a collection is {$8000.00} dollars. In the report appears that the account was open in XX/XX/XXXX and on XX/XX/XXXX for {$5500.00} dollars. It shows ” XXXX ” past due, Status : Collection. Also, appears on my credit report : Factoring Company, Original Creditor : XXXX. I called Midland funding and they told me that this account has a judgment against me issued in XX/XX/XXXX. They did n’t want to provide me with the original account number or creditor, they told me to go to the court if I need any information. XXXX the person at Midland told me this account was originally delinquent in XX/XX/XXXX and then when I asked her who was the original creditor she said I can not give you any more information because you already have a judgment in this account. I never opened any account with XXXX. If the account was delinquent in XX/XX/XXXX how can i have a judgment against me in XX/XX/XXXX!!! I do n’t know what to do. I was never served or had any information about this to dispute it and defend myself. I never got the judgment either. I do n’t understand how a judge could judge a debt against me without documents that proved the debt or the identity of the person.
I am complaining about not receiving a notice of right to dispute the false debt and for no receiving information about the account number, amount of the debt, or name of the original creditor.

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