Disclosure verification of debt

An outstanding balance owed to XXXX was transferred to Caine & Weiner. I received communication in form of a letter on XXXX XXXX, 2016 of this debt. I immediately contacted the firm and let them know that I had ever intention of paying the debt but that at the time I was also unemployed ; however I would make payments until the balance was paid in full. I spoke to a person named XXXX, XXXX and let them know that I did not want this going on my credit so I wanted to set up a payment plan to avoid further action. I paid {$25.00} each month to avoid it going on my credit. I received a call about a week ago and the person from Caine Warner said they were calling to see if I wanted to pay the debt in full since my balance was down to {$190.00}. I told the lady that I was unemployed but that I would be making a payment in XXXX since I was paying {$25.00} each month. She was friendly and said ” ok ”, she was just following up. I check my credit report almost weekly and was surprised to find that the firm has reported this unpaid debt to a credit bureau after they told me that as long as I made payments, it would not go to a credit collection. I immediately called again today to XXXX and spoke to a man. He now informs me that even though I called and told them the debt was mine and even though I am paying each month, the debt has to be reported to the credit bureaus after 60 days, regardless of whether or not I am paying it. This does not make sense? None of the other reps ever told me this? We agreed that if I paid it would keep the outstanding bill from going into collections. Now someone else is telling me something else? I want this account to be taken off my credit immediately. I made arrangements with this firm to fully pay down my outstanding debt, they led me to believe that as long as I paid they would not turn it over to a credit bureau and now it is on my credit. I feel they misled me and did not provide me accurate information. The man I spoke with today is now telling me that the other people I ‘ve spoken with were ” pretty new ” and probably did n’t relay the information correctly to me. Well guess what? That is no excuse! If their employees are not properly trained then they should not be working there giving out wrong information.

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