Disclosure verification of debt

I got a small installment loan in a check cashing place in the XX/XX/XXXX.Lendify Financial was in charge of taking my payments and sending me documentation on debt.I made my payments on time and as promised on the months of XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX and XXXX XXXX XX/XX/XXXX I called Lendify to notify them that I would not be able to make that months payment, due to me getting mugged and losing everything in XX/XX/XXXX.I was told I would receive a call back from my rep and that they would notate it and let my rep know ” XXXX ”.
that ‘s when the harassment calls started.I was called at XXXX point approximately 3 times a day for about a week. I would answer and explain the situation but it was always followed by ” ok so can you pay today? ” I said ” no please notate for a supervisor to call me. Please stop the calls I ‘m at work I ca n’t answer only call me at lunch at XXXX please so we can solve this problem ” I very politely asked all reps I was not to be called between the hours of XXXX to XXXX only from XXXX to XXXX because I work and have school.Once again they assured me they would follow up and notate account ( they never gave me last names ) Calls kept happening and reps XXXX about me not being able to pay and were not cooperative when i asked to speak with manager or supervisor.
i asked multiple reps if calls could stop or if i needed to submit written cease of communication notice, reps said no such thing existed.There were so many calls that I had to block the caller but they called again from another number! I told the reps that I did n’t feel comfortable making payments on the account without a supervisor. I aksed for dispute information be sent to me or validation of debt in order for me to continue making payments since I noticed illegal debt collection practices. I refused to pay late fees on the account because I had notified them well in advance about the payment plan changes and had not received a call or ANY document from them about debt.
After many calls from me and messages to managers about FDCPA violations on collection of debt, the calls stopped. Finally a manger answered my call and helped but they refused to take out the fees and said every day I did n’t pay they would report me to my credit company. I agreed to pay once i got documentation and dispute papers. Lendify failed again to send documnets.
Instead they charged off my account on XX/XX/XXXX for ” missed promise to pay payments ” even though I had been communicating my troubles to MULTIPLE reps of why I did n’t want to pay until I got proper documentation.The charge off made my credit score drop drastically even lower than I had ( being a college student who has never opened up a credit card ) so I had to bite the bullet and pay them because I really need to work on my credit for a car.
Well now it ‘s about 3 1/2 weeks later, almost a month after I paid the account off regardless of the horrible experience I had with Lendify and its harassing tactics. However, they still have yet to send the paid in full letter and still have n’t reported the debt payed off even though they promised they would report it as paid in full to credit bureau. Ive tried calling Lendify at the number online however it doesnt work. No one will return my calls and reps lie about the wherabouts of managers. They keep me on hold for lomg length of time and bounce mt call from rep to rep but no manager.
The most recent incident was last Thursday XXXX XXXX XXXX. I called them to try and fix everything and get my letter so I can personally follow up with Credit Company myself.I was put on hold about 4 times and transferred to XXXX different reps.I insisted a manager take the call and they told me that ALL managers and supervisors were in a meeting.It is now Monday XXXX XXXX XXXX I still have not received a call back or documentation on PAID account.

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