Disclosure verification of debt

I received a call from a XXXX XXXX office, to ” collect a debt on a credit card ”. the caller did not verify my information before giving me this information. The person yelled at me that they are starting the ” legal process to garnish my wages ” I advised her that I have not received any information on any attempt to collect any debt.I am legally entitled to receive that and verify that so called debt is mine and that the collector is legally able to collect on any so called debt. She refused many times and told me that she is not required to do anything of that sort. Continued to threaten me on ” legal action ” did not give me information on amount of debt or if there was an ability to settle on any debt. She did not even properly verify who I was. I looked on line since the company name on the voicemail was different than what she gave me and I saw many victims to this company as well. XXXX / XXXX XXXX. There was no resolution to this call as she would not listen to me and only yell and threaten me during the whole call. I would like to know what this even is! How can I be taken legal action against and I dont even know what this is! I can not know how to respond with a solution if I have no information as to what this is at all. The only information she gave me was that it was in an attempt to collect on a credit card debt. No credit card name given. This company needs shut down as they do not know how to collect said debt to anyone per all the comments I have seen plus my own experience!

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