Disclosure verification of debt

Albuquerque Collections, XXXX, NM XXXX, ( XXXX ) XXXX reported a collection for less than {$20.00} on my credit report in XX/XX/XXXX. The collection was supposedly a balance from a previous collection filed in XXXX that was paid in full before it was ever reported to a credit reporting agency. I never received another communication by mail, email or phone from Albuquerque Collections or the Medical Company associated with it that there was an alleged balance due for less than {$20.00}. That is, not until I checked my credit report in XX/XX/XXXX. I have had a few real estate transactions close since XXXX and not once did this collection appear on my credit reports. It is unfair practice not to properly inform a consumer before reporting to credit agencies. I did not have enough information or time to properly verify the amount they wanted to collect from me. I paid it off over the phone with them because I was told that it would be removed from my credit report. This was most important to me as I was in the middle of another real estate transaction. Now three months later, it is still being reported as a derogatory record that will stay on my report until XXXX! This has caused a XXXX points or more drop on my credit score for their errors. I find it unfair and unacceptable that me, the consumer should be penalized on my credit score for the next three years for their unprofessional conduct and errors.

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