Disclosure verification of debt

I moved into XXXX XXXX XXXX apartments in XX/XX/XXXX and out in XX/XX/XXXX. I provided all of my contact information the morning I turned the keys back into the front office so I would be aware of damages that required payment. I was not notified of any cost to cure damages in the apartment by the complex. I downloaded credit karma a couple years later after being declined for my first car loan due to a collection I knew nothing about. I was shocked to learn that a collection had been placed on my credit by XXXX XXXX XXXX and was damaging my credit greatly! The biggest surprise was years had gone by and no proactive effort from the complex had been made in order for me to have the opportunity to pay the damages instead of just damaging my credit! Over the years I reached out to the management company in effort to make payments or settle due to the age of the debt, the complex would not cooperate. The debt was sold to Professional Debt Mediation on XXXX XXXX XXXX and now shows as XXXX different debts both damaging my credit. I ‘ve attempted twice to settle with the collection company who advised they go back to the complex with my offer for approval-again both times the complex has declined my effort. The debt is showing as {$1100.00}, the complex states they had to repaint the XXXX accent wall in the living room-this I understand and agree too. They also state that they had to replace the carpet in the apartment due to pet stains, I agree there were stains on the carpet and understand there would have been a cost to have the carpets cleaned. HOWEVER, stating they had to put brand-new carpet in the entire apartment ( mind you was very small ) and that it cost upwards of {$1100.00} I do not believe! After years of making an effort to right this debt and the lack of cooperation of the complex leads me to believe they are fraudulently hitting my credit for the amount of a debt that is not valid! The carpet in the apartment was not brand-new when I moved in and the complex is not entitled to the full replacement value, only the depreciated value of the carpet. So if the life of the carpet was expected to be 5 years and was 4 years old upon my move in date they would only be entitled to the remaining years value. I would like proof to be provided by the complex including : brand of the carpet, estimated life of the carpet, receipt for carpet upon installation prior to my move in date, and a receipt for the for the cost of damages repaired. If proof is provided and the full amount of the debt is validated, I would like an agreement to be made with the complex on payment arrangements or a settlement. I would also like my credit to be updated due to the lack of professionalism, tenant/consumer respect, and non-existent pro-activity to reach me before greatly damaging my credit.

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