Disclosure verification of debt

Around XX/XX/XXXX I received a letter from XXXX regarding XXXX, naming ” current creditor ” as XXXX Account Number XXXX in the amount of {$1700.00}. I knew there were alot of fake companies out there claiming consumers owe fake debt so I chose at the time to ignore it. Im sure I recieved many calls but I never answered unknown numbers.

Around XX/XX/XXXX I received a debt collection letter from a company called XXXX. not sure what this was, so I got a copy of my credit report. I did not find this particular company on it but did see XXXX with different account numbers, and amounts. I have NEVER received any letter from XXXX. I have never signed a contract with them either, so again I ignored it. I did not receive anymore, to my knowledge, any letter concerning this alleged account.

Approximately around XX/XX/XXXX I received a letter from my local courthouse that I was being sued by XX/XX/XXXX with a court date of XX/XX/XXXX. I never received any certified letter or any postal letter from the lawyer nor XXXX that I was being sued. I went to court and they did not show up so the judge according to local court rules he accepted my plea of contesting this friviolous lawsuit and set a hearing date to XX/XX/XXXX. They phoned in and another date has been set for XX/XX/XXXX. I made the statement in court th After spending countless hours researching my rights and wisconsin laws I realized that I could request documentation to validate the alleged debt. I faxed a request on XX/XX/XXXX ( attached ) to Messerli & Kramer PA, the lawyer for XXXX. That reqest included ALL charges from a XXXX balance to final amount so I could inspect if this account was valid. I also requested any and all documents including the original written contract I signed with XXXX and/or XXXX. In return I got a almost XXXX page discovery requests in the mail. It was very intimidating to say the least! After reading it over and over I feel the lawyer is trying to intimidate me into messing up my answers and also he is clearly telling me what I have to say and how to say it at that. I contacted a free legal service office in Wisconsin and she reviewed my case and offered advice but they could not take the case.

Here is her response to the plaintiffs requests : A few observations about the paperwork you sent to me : – There is only a list of accounts for the last ‘bill of sale. ‘ How does one know that your account was in the previous sales without a list of accounts or something similar? You should request those from the plaintiff by sending your own discovery list to the plaintiff.
– The signatures on the bills of sale are not notarized, so they can not be taken as evidence without further affidavits or testimony from a company who knows of the sales. If you go to a hearing, you should point this out to the judge.
– Look at the addresses on the 2 statements. They are different. Did you have mail go to those addresses at those times?
– Bill of sale says ” no warranties ” so they can not guarantee that the documents are correct by the seller so you should request statements that show how the plaintiff came to the amount due on the complaint.
– The first bill of sale says that all accounts transferred from XXXX to XXXX ” except for any interest of XXXX. ” So you should question if XXXX accounts were actually included in that transfer and sale.
this has caused XXXX and XXXX on me and my family can validate this. I have filed a request for production at the courthouse as well on XX/XX/XXXX. Next court date is XX/XX/XXXX.

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