Disclosure verification of debt

Ten years ago I had a credit card and unfortunately my account was at {$10000.00}. Asset Acceptance now has control of my debt from this card. I have been paying through my work checks and have paid off {$2000.00} of the initial {$10000.00} owed. When I called XXXX XXXX, 2015 to settle this debt I was told that even though Asset Acceptance had my debt that they could not do anything and it was now with a law firm, XXXX and that they would have to take care of it. I received no resolution through Asset Acceptance, only sending me somewhere else. When I called XXXX, over ten times, I still did not receive a call back. Their voicemail stated that in order to get in contact with me I had to leave my social security number and I did not feel comfortable leaving something so secure on a voicemail. Finally after almost twenty attempts I was able to get ahold of XXXX XXXX, who bullied me to give him my name/social security number/phone number and then firmly stated he must have my address. I refused to give my address because I was advised that they do not need any information other than my name and social. He then bullied me into giving him my address by saying he would not work with me if I did not give him this information and that he will hang up and then to have a nice day so I gave in and gave him my information. He then told me that they had a different amount on file as payment received, about {$1000.00} less than what I had actually paid. XXXX then went on to tell me that if I wanted to settle then I would have to pay 83 % of my debit. The figure he gave me, over {$8000.00}, would be my settling payment. That settling payment with the amount I have already paid, {$2000.00} according to my previous employer that I have receipts of payment from, would total more than the actual {$10000.00} I initially owed. That means in order to settle I would be paying over 105 % of my debt to someone who told me I could ONLY settle for 83 %. This does not make sense. I asked if anything could be done, that I do not have that kind of money but could settle for less, and he refused everything and anything. I then expressed again that I did not have that kind of money and would have to file for bankruptcy and he said, ” That ‘s fine. Just make sure you contact us and send us notice. ” Again, no negotiation or compromise. Settling does not mean pay in full. This was debt from ten years ago. I then expressed that I would file a complaint to the CFPB and he did not care. After all attempts XXXX XXXX would still not help. Asset Acceptance can not do anything, which they are the ones who actually have my debt, and XXXX will not settle for anything less than 83 %. Please help!

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