Disclosure verification of debt

This company PARKED a medical collection on my credit reports without my knowledge and in doing so, they are in violation the FDCPA XXXX ( a ) Collection Practice of placing a collection account on my credit reports without sending a dunning letter to me. XXXX XXXX XXXX also failed to follow FDCPA XXXX ( a ) by not sending a letter giving the consumer time to dispute or validate the alleged debt within the allowed 30-day time frame that is allowed by law. If they sent anything out, I did not receive it or I would have sent a DV letter!

Upon reading my credit reports a collection for this alleged debt has already been listed by another collector on the credit reports and the collection was removed in XXXX 2016.

I request that they verify the following information. 1. What hospital is this medical collection for? 2. Date I was supposedly at this hospital 3. Full account summary and itemized calculation of alleged debt 4. Registered/Licensed number to collect in the state of Louisiana!

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