Disclosure verification of debt

Good Morning, My issue with this company was that in XXXX XXXX I signed up for their web hosting service. During their whole pitch it was n’t mentioned that one was tied to a one year contract. Well XX/XX/XXXX I was told by superlative that it was a one year contract by XXXX XXXX, the person that came to XXXX pitching his horrible web hosting service. So I tried cancel ; ling it the following month which was the anniversary month in XXXX XXXX. I left XXXX voicemails and an email!!!! Thinking they had honor the request and I did as I was told, I was still charged the following month. They refused to grant my request!!! Then they kept charging be XX/XX/XXXX until I finally cancelled my card in XXXX XXXX. They kept calling me and harassing me. I told them I canclled them back on anniversary date which was XXXX XXXX but they refused to honor it. I then got a bill for {$100.00} on XXXX XXXX XXXX. A year way too late in which they finally agreed to cancel my contract. They decided to take it upon themselves to cancel it on their terms. I was told by their debt collection agency it was a 2 year contract now not 1 year like I was told by XXXX XXXX. This is outrageous and if you look them up on XXXX there are a ton of other victims of this horrible business practice. I am getting hit on my credit report for this injustice. I have warned my fellow agents about this horrible company. This company sent me emails in the spring of last year telling me I had to pay. I told them I could n’t afford it anymore and was n’t getting any results from their service. They threaten collection so I had to beg for an extension to pay XX/XX/XXXX for a service I was n’t using cause they supposedly did n’t get my request. But I should n’t have to pay for something I cancelled on my anniversary date on XXXX XXXX. The Collection agency transworld system has been assigned to this. They already hit my credit rating and I have yet to receive this supposed invoice that I owe. I will submit the final letter from Superlative stating that they were sending my supposed debt to Transworld Systems Inc . Prior to that letter they tried to blackmail me for a partial payment on an email for about XXXX dollars. I can FWD that email to the person ( s ) that will be looking into this. I will just need an email address to send this blackmail email. This has been so stressful and very uncalled for..

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