Disclosure verification of debt

I discovered inaccurate information placed on my credit report by Portfolio Recovery Associates. I immediately took action. I called all XXXX credit bureaus and made them aware of the situation. As a result, they disputed the account. A week later Portfolio Recovery Associates responded to XXXX, electronically, stating ” the account will remain on credit report. ” This raised even more concerns!! I did n’t think companies could report inaccurate information on people ‘s credit and get away with it!! So, I sought out legal advice. I was made aware that I could write Portfolio Recovery Associates and demand that they send me legal proof and documentaion of the debt, Debt Validation. I was also warned to send my request certified mail to be sure they received it and could n’t claim they did not. I am aware that Portfolio Recovery Associates have XXXX days from the date they receive my letter to respond with the legal documentaion.. I sent XXXX letters to Portfolio Recovery Associates, each certified, XXXX to their corporate location and the other to the location listed on my credit report. XXXX letters were received and signed for at each location on XXXX/XXXX/2015. XXXX was singed for at XXXX XXXX and the other at XXXX XXXX. the clock started on that date. XXXX DAYS LATER, STILL NO RESPONSE!! I never received a response from the company!! I am now demading the immediate and complete removal of any account reported on my credit report by Portfolio Recovery Associates. Portfolio has failed to send the legally required validation of debt. their firm has violated the law!! The Consumer Credit Protection Act, The Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Plus many more. Portfolio Recovery Associates have communicated and continue to communicate incorrect and defamatory information to third parties and the XXXX major credit bureaus. It is time for this to stop! I have suffered and cotinue to suffer damages. I am very upset at their firm ‘s business practices. I have suffered emotional distress from this. I am demanding that they delete any items they are reporting from my credit as soon as they receive this response from cfpb! Hopefuly they will respond to you guys because they have refused to do so with me.

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