Disclosure verification of debt

I have been trying to get this judgment taken care of with Nelson & Kennard for 30 days. I have made ten phone calls, sent one fax to Nelson & Kennard, and have only received two return phone calls. This is unacceptable.

My first call was on XXXX XXXX, 2016 and I spoke with XXXX XXXX. She and I agreed that I have never received an written correspondence from Nelson & Kennard, not even a letter via Certified Mail which she mentioned. Nothing. During the past 30 days, I have received nothing from Nelson & Kennard supporting any debt : no copy of the alleged signed application for credit in which they are attempting to collect.

I have provided a Satisfaction of Judgment for the XXXX debt to which I believe is the debt they are attempting to collect.

I have good cause to believe I was sued in error. I was never served to provide me plenty of time to file a response. Therefore, this improper service provides me cause to have the judgment vacated!

Today, XXXX XXXX, I faxed Nelson & Kennard a request to vacate, release, dismiss, satisfy the judgment immediately!

Still, no response.

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