Disclosure verification of debt

I was never contacted and properly notified by this collection agency for some old medical bills they were attempting to collect. My first notification came in the form of checking my credit report and noticing the collection accounts noted on my report. I immediately contacted them to make some sort of arrangement. I informed them that I wanted a pay for delete or else I could use HIPPA rights and force the original creditor to take the account back, paying the original creditor directly and avoiding the items being reported. The collection agency then, sensing they would loose out on approximately {$800.00} promised to remove the derogatory remarks, since I was never properly notified, if I paid them directly. I paid them directly, and they removed XXXX of the accounts but XXXX remained. I have been contacting them and calling them to no avail. I feel completely defrauded and my rights were violated. Their only interest was collecting the money. They have destroyed my credit and have caused me to loose out on credit being extended to me. I want them to fulfill the promise made to me as I followed thru on my promise and paid them in full. The agency in question is called MID Michigan Collection Agency in XXXX XXXX Michigan ( email XXXXXXXXXXXX ). Their phone number is XXXX. Please help! I feel so victimized. I have sent letters to the Michigan State Attorney General as well as the FTC. I also understand that they broke the law by even promising a pay for delete so now it makes sense to me why they are bailing out and refusing to go further with my accounts. So many laws were broken here.

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