Disclosure verification of debt

Ok, so I have been receiving phone calls from XXXX phone number for the last few days. On the morning of Thursday XXXX/XXXX/2016 I received yet another one. So being fed up with it, I answered and said hello. All they would say and repeat was that they needed to confirm they were speaking with a XXXX XXXX ( which is me ) before they could disclose any further information. I stated that in that case I would not be providing them any further information on my part and hung up. My thinking was ” wait a second ”. You want to call my phone and start demanding I provide or confirm for you personal information about myself while refusing to provide me with information. Not ok!. So being that I am a Police Sgt, I went into investigative mode and started digging to see if I could find out anything based on the phone number I had from them. I discovered that it was a collection business called IC Systems. I further found hundreds of complaints from other people following their dealing with this company. So I returned a phone call to them and asked to speak with a supervisor. Once he was on the phone he also repeated the same line about needing to confirm who I was before he could provide any further information. I explained to him again that I would not be providing any personal information and since he or his company were the ones who had contacted me, they needed to be the ones that were forth coming with information, since I had no way to ” prove ” who he was. I also explained that I viewed their telephone communication with me to be harassment and that I demanded my number be removed from their calling list. He said that he could do that and would. If I owe a debt that I am unaware of fine, but how about calling and saying, Yes this is so and so and we have been retained by so and so to attempt to collect a debt that they claim you owe them. At this point I would have the ability to research for myself if I had forgotten something and get back with them. But no, they chose to try and act all secretive and shadowy which if they are legit in their pursuit, it is a very poor way of handling business. I ask that you as a consumer protection agency, please assist me with dealing with this matter. Thank you in Advance

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