Disclosure verification of debt

I switched from XXXX to XXXX back in XXXX 2015 and switched XXXX lines I had with XXXX. XXXX agreed and plan was to pay any early termination fees or cell phone fees owed to XXXX just to transfer to their company. After I changed all XXXX lined to XXXX, the rep told me I needed a bill from XXXX showing all XXXX lines remaining balance owed for each phone. I right away took in the XXXX bill which showed the balance for each line. The rep that assisted me that day denied the bill. He said the bill must also show the phone numbers for all the numbers. The bill only shows the last XXXX numbers I believe. XXXX should know I transferred XXXX lines from XXXX and the bill shows XXXX lines, it ‘s a no brainer! I left and asked XXXX to print me a bill that displayed the phone numbers next to the balance owed per line. XXXX mailed me a bill that was pretty much miring the last bill. This went on for months, back and forth with XXXX and XXXX. XXXX kept rejecting my bill which they would n’t process for payment, which meant I could n’t pay the balanced owed on my XXXX account. XXXX would n’t print the bill in the format XXXX reps were requesting, even though when I would call they would say they would do it but when the bill came in the mail it was not in that format. I was so tired of the calling game to XXXX trying to get the bill the way the XXXX ‘s rep was requesting, mind you, XXXX never tried once to submit the bill to see if it would get processed and paid. Then XXXX day I get a letter stating I was sent to collections. I was devastated, upset, in shock, etc … I have XXXX, and instantly it made my XXXX and I got really ill. I was sick in bed for almost a month, till this day my XXXX but I can work. I have so much XXXX that I get XXXX everyday. It ‘s just not right! I own a home, so for me/us it ‘s a big deal because if I/we want to refinance, it will have a big impact due to my credit score dropping due to the negative mark given from XXXX. I trusted XXXX blindly to pay XXXX for the balance of my XXXX phones timely, that ‘s why I switched with no worries!
I was treated unfairly and wrongfully by XXXX and XXXX. I strongly feel this negative mark should be removed from my credit score because I did n’t do anything intentional or wrong. I was doing everything I was supposed to do and did everything XXXX and XXXX instructed me to and timely. How did that lead me into collections? That is just so wrong! Please help me!

Thank you!

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