Disclosure verification of debt

I was stupid when I was younger I believed the college loan programs estimates of what I would be making in my area when I graduated college! These people would not lie … would they??? I was contacted by Allied Interstate ( formally XXXX XXXX ) for my defaulted student loan. The person who contacted me knew nothing about my background and loan information so much so, that I indicated that I wanted to check this company on line. Have you checked this company on line? If not, please do, it is interesting as to what has been said. The sad thing is this company still seems to be doing the same not posting payments indicating people owed more after the payment term was up, etc. ( found info on line ) With student loans if you do not repay they trash your credit then you can not get a job that pays you enough to live so you remain in default! No wonder so many just refuse to repay …. or just can not repay! I want to repay my loan but I want to repay my loan to a company who actually knows me and my situation not just out to make a buck! Does n’t really surprise me that the government chose this company … Does it really surprise anyone that the government student loan default ratio is so high???

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