Disclosure verification of debt

I was a guarantor on my daughters XXXX XXXX account. It was a subsidiary account of mine. My daughter took over financial responsibility for the account in XX/XX/2016. For whatever reason, she did not pay the past bill before the account was switched over to her under a new account.
I was NEVER informed by XXXX that a payment was missed and a balance was due. There explanation is that we had the bills set up to go to her. She paid them for years. The issue is that they never notified me before turning over to collections … even though they have my contact info and my phone number. Even the the collection agency called me … and I paid it immediately. But XXXX has the ‘sent to collections ‘ on my credit report and wo n’t take it off. I believe the should have notified me, as the guarantor, before sending to collections. I want them to remove the ‘sent to collections ‘ from my credit report. Which they could do, but wo n’t. Their procedures are flawed and I should not have a bad credit report because of their procedures. I desire the right to be contacted before a bill is sent to collections.
Please ask them to remove the collections information from my credit report!

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