Disclosure verification of debt

I had not checked my credit report in a while. After obtaining my credit reports. I got a letter from a collection agency West Asset Management , Inc . Telling me that i had a debt that had been turned over to them for collection. I called them immediately to inquire about ” this so called debt ” First time I called was XXXX/XXXX/2015. I was told that they were going to research the account and get back to me. Today is XXXX/XXXX/2015 have not heard any thing from them. So I called again. They told me that they did not have anything to share with me and they will let me know … .In the mean time, I ‘m waiting to have this cleared from my credit bureau as I would like to buy a small home for myself and having this information on my credit file will keep me from obtaining a good Real Estate loan or perhaps nor one at all. They ca n’t give me any information about ” this debt ” but they have not removed this false information from my credit report. I need help. I would really appreciate your help! Thank you.

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