Disclosure verification of debt

I currently have an account with Pinnacle Credit Services on my credit report that I disputed because I did not believe the account was mine. It came back as verified with all XXXX credit bureaus. Recently, I contacted all XXXX credit bureaus to remove the dispute comments from my credit report since I would like to apply for a mortgage. XXXX complied, however, XXXX and XXXX stated that based on the status of the dispute they would have to re-dispute it to have it removed. I got the updates from XXXX and XXXX around XXXX XXXX stating that the investigation was complete but the account remained in a dispute status. I called both XXXX and XXXX on yesterday, XXXX XXXX, regarding this. XXXX removed the dispute status, however XXXX stated that they could not remove the dispute because the creditor felt like the issue was unresolved and I would need to contact them. I called Pinnacle Credit Services at XXXX and spoke with a representative who informed me that they no longer held the account, and I had to speak with someone at XXXX XXXX. I was also given the account number of XXXX, phone number XXXX. When I spoke with the representative at XXXX XXXX, they informed me that they bought out XXXX and that this account was no longer being collected on or reported, but its still being reported on my credit report. She also told me that the account was from XXXX 2009 ( which is 7 years ). When I explained the situation to the representative she stated that all updates would be made in XXXX. With the information that I have been given, I do n’t understand why Pinnacle would not remove the dispute comment from my credit report, especially since they no longer own the debt! This has been a very frustrating process for me since all I wanted them to do was to remove the dispute comment, but to find out that the account is 7 years old, no longer owned by the company reporting on my credit, and to then be told it ‘s not reporting but instead it is.

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