Disclosure verification of debt

I moved out of an apartment XX/XX/XXXX. The apartment complex I moved out of ( and gave my forwarding address to ) never notified me of an outstanding balance nor did they refund me my deposit. The first notification I received of a debt was XXXX XXXX, XXXX from I Q Data International. I called them in regards to my balance and notified them that I had not received any prior notices from them or my apartment complex. They kept arguing with me, telling me that I needed to contact my mail carrier because they had copies of letters they had sent out back XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX. I asked for an itemized list and they would not send one out to me. I did not receive any notice of a balance nor of my right to dispute the balance. If I had, I would have done so! They balance is over {$1800.00} at this point and I have no idea why! They also failed to include the other tenant in their collections, which they are legally obligated to do! I talked my way through XXXX supervisors to finally speak to a man named XXXX XXXX. He was the rudest person I have ever talked to. He kept saying, ” I ‘m not going to do anything sir. Are you going to pay your bill or not? ” I simply wanted an explanation as to why I was the only one included on the debt and why my first notification of an outstanding balance came 9 months after I moved out and the account had accrued a ton of interest? After doing some research online, I found that this company is notorious for violating the Fair Debt Collection Act. The Attorney General has shut them down before when they were known as XXXX, XXXX and XXXX. It seems they are still violating my rights under a new name.

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