Disclosure verification of debt

The collection agency in question is Creditors Discount and Audit. XXXX.
in XXXX, ILThey contacted me about a medical bill from XX/XX/XXXX. The amount was {$400.00}. I told them I ha no idea what that was for because I had insurance back then and being that it was a lot of money would tell me maybe some tests were run, etc and I had no tests done. I asked them to send me something showing me what the {$400.00} was for. .On XX/XX/XXXX I spoke with a XXXX there. She said she would send me copies showing what this was for. On XXXX/XXXX/XXXX I had still not received anything si I called and spoke with a XXXX there and he faxed me what he had. What he sent me was a statement showing all of the payment that I had made over the years to this doctor. I called back on XXXX but this time I spoke with a XXXX. I explained that what they sent me does not say what I was seen for on that day. I need to see the detail not a statement. She told me that is all she had and that I should call the doctor. I called XXXX who is the doctor ‘s bookkeeper. I left her a message on XX/XX/XXXX that I need some detail. Never heard anything. Called again and spoke with XXXX and she could not provide any detail that I needed to call the collection agency. So the collection agency is telling me to call the doctor and the doctor is telling me to call the collection agency.I had talked toi the supervisor at the collection agency but I ca n’t remember what her nae was. She basically told that that ‘s all they had and that it ‘s too bad that we do n’t have any more detail but I still needed to pay the bill. I said put yourself in my shoes would you pay {$400.00} for something that first of all is incorrect and second nobody has told you what it was for. She was rude and just had a tuff luck attitude. She said she was going to report it to the credit reporting agancies and I told her that I know my rights and you can not do this. Since then it is now on my credit and they assigned to an attorney!. This is not right! How can this happen? That bill might not even be mine … what if they billed the wrong patient? Now its ‘ affecting my credit and that needs to be removed. I am also disputing this with all XXXX credit agencies. Please do something. A lot of people do n’t realize that they can stand up to these people and they end up paying something because they are threatened that its going to an attorney and going on their credit report. The doctors name is XXXX XXXX in XXXX il.

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