Energy Jewelry Helps Us Rediscover This Sense of Self

The goal of jewelry is to channel energy and join this energy with a specific intention of an individual, whether it is love, health and wellness, wealth and success, or performance and achievement. You can even shop by the specific intention you have in mind on website, customizing your jewelry to fit your own lifestyle.

Jewelry has a positive attitude towards the future and the capabilities of each person. Their pieces allow the jewelry wearer to uncover their inner potential in order to reach their hopes and dreams.

Jewelry is designed to ward off negative energy and release the stresses of the wearer. There are two techniques that jewelry promotes in order to get rid of negative emotions and to manifest your desires.

The “Feel and Flick Technique” tells you to hold the pendent in your left hand between your thumb and your index finger. The tip of this index finger is the best spot to release negative energy. Next, make a fist with your right hand, making sure your thumb is on the outside. After your fist is made, release or flick your fingers against your thumb three times. Once you do this you are free of negative energy and can move towards manifesting your dreams.

The “33 Second Technique” is simple, but requires your entire heart, mind, and soul. Holding the pendent in your left hand, you must picture exactly what you want, that being your sole focus. Visualize yourself attaining this dream and all the emotions that would come with it for 33 seconds. After the 33 seconds are up, let it go and you will be ready to conquer your dreams. Of course like any other reliable method, jewelry suggests you repeat this technique 3 times for the greatest results.

Whether you are soul searching or seeking a soul mate, energy jewelry can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Somewhere between busy schedules and deadlines we all seem to forget our true selves. Energy jewelry helps us rediscover this sense of self. After all, if you’re deepest dreams and desires can become a reality for anywhere from $75 to $600, why wouldn’t you want to be a part of this trend?

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