Excessive fees

I was charged XXXX by The Student Loan Help Center to act as my ” Limited Power of Attorney ” in expediting the transfer of my debt from XXXX XXXX . My original understanding of what was to transpire, and why I was paying them {$990.00}, was they would be transferring my debt and I would then be paying them back my debt, rather than XXXX XXXX . Basically, refinancing my debt to The Student Loan Help Center. Once the process was completed my debt was transferred to XXXX XXXX . I started to make my new payments to XXXX XXXX and noticed my principle was not decreasing. I called XXXX XXXX and questioned the payment plan and inquired why my principal was n’t deceasing. Through my conversation with XXXX XXXX I advised the representative I had paid {$990.00} to have my debt transferred to them. At which point he told me XXXX XXXX would never charge a client to have their debt transferred and ” no one should be charged money for a service when it comes to federal loans. ” He recommended I reach out to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to attempt to get my money back. He also advised not only should I not have been charged, but {$990.00} was completely unreasonable to have a help center fill out some paper work on your behalf and that XXXX XXXX would not have charged me anything. At this point I was shocked and outraged to know that I could have just gone through XXXX XXXX to begin with and not had to pay {$990.00} to basically have paperwork completed. I ‘ve been through this process before when I refinanced my private loans through XXXX XXXX , and they did n’t charge me anything to have my debt transferred. I was under the impression and the extent of my understanding was that I was paying The Student Loan Help Center to take on my debt and I would be paying them back and that ‘s why there was a charge of {$990.00}. At no point was this process explained in detail that The Student Loan help center was just a servicer to have my debt transferred to XXXX XXXX . If I had known that I would have just contacted XXXX XXXX directly and go through the same process I did when I refinanced my private loans with XXXX XXXX . {$990.00} is a rip off for such a service and is almost a years worth of payments on my student debt! I would understand this charge if The Student Loan Help center was the servicer taking on the responsibility of my debt, but that was not the case. The Student Loan Help center should have just told me what to do in order to have XXXX XXXX assist me with transferring/refinancing my debt, and charged me maximum {$100.00} for the professional advice.

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