Excessive fees

Received a check from a customer of mine. Their check was from TDBank for {$86.00}. So I went to TDBank to cash it, thinking that is where it was drawn … TDBank was going to charge me a {$7.00} fee to simply cash the check! When I gasped, they told me this is an industry-standard fee! Not at my bank!

For people unfortunate enough to not have a bank account, this is highway robbery!! There should be somewhere people do not have to pay a ” poor tax ” just to get access to their own money!

I personally bank with XXXX, the oldest credit union in the US and they have NO FEES — other than overdraft fees, but theirs are among the lowest in the industry and they offer an even lower fee option when you link your savings to your checking. They offer all kinds of online banking, a smartphone app for mobile banking, great customer service, local and national discounts on insurance, travel, and other perks, convenient locations to me and travel support, so I know where to bank less expensively when traveling outside the US.

So far I love everything about XXXX and would never bank with a such a short-sighted, fee-first company as TDBank!

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