False statements or representation

XXXX XXXX XXXX has knowingly charged me for services it was unwilling and/or unable to provide. I had XXXX for cable and internet for XXXX years at my previous residence. I had no problems with them other than an occasional outage. Since moving to my new residence, they have been deceitful in claiming that they would provide service here and have taken {$2900.00} from me nonetheless. Since moving here in XXXX of XXXX i have spent hundreds of hours of my time with their assurances that the problem could be fixed with a multitude of different fixes. In the year and a half that i have been without service, I have called them over 80 times ; XXXX technicians have come to try to connect everything to no avail. Throughout all this time, XXXX has falsely blamed the equipment, and as such, i have had : XXXX different converters, XXXX different adaptors, XXXX different modems, ; and XXXX different routers – this involved me going to their offices, which always takes over an hour or more because it is extremely crowded – and, even after all the switching out of equipment, they could not provide service to me. Then, XXXX said the problem was with the cable cards – after XXXX different tries at switching these, i still could not receive television or an internet connection even though i spent hours on their XXXX XXXX support line – no one could figure out the problem.. Technicians came to see if the wiring in the house was the culprit. They sent a tech to re-wire the house, i had to wait all day XXXX ; and he never did anything other than cut off a cable that was in my living room – I watched, he did not re-wire anything and, to this day, i believe that they simply would not spend the money to do the necessary wiring to give me service in my XXXX year old house …. So, another technician came out and said he would have to access a box on a pole that was in a neighbor ‘s yard and that that would fix the problem – this was on XXXX XXXX, XXXX – so, i waited for that remedy, but no, still no service. And then, in XXXX, 3 months later, to add insult to injury XXXX, the technician said that he ‘d have to access box on XXXX … ..which they obviously had never bothered to do! … .Other remedies they suggested for incorrect programming, loss of signal, pixilating, searching for signal, no signal etc etc were that i was connected to the wrong carrier – XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX etc XXXX XXXX but that was no solution either. Finally, On XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX the technician came out and, in checking their equipment, said that the XXXX cable was chipped, and that that had been the problem for the 18 months i had been living there. XXXX XXXX ‘s XXXX up – a faulty cable … XXXX admitted that that was why i had no service … ..and so, i settled in that evening to watch television, thinking it ‘s finally fixed, but NO, the message on the tv screen said ” XXXX XXXX not supported ” I tried to restart everything 3 times, but each time, the television simply shut down. By this time, i was FED UP and I told them on XXXX XXXX that i was giving up on TV service with them but i needed them to provide me with a strong internet signal so that i could watch the movies i had to watch via internet to vote for the Screen Actor ‘s Guild Awards, which is my duty as an actor. They apologized and said they would send me a stronger signal so that i could stream the movies from my laptop, but they did not. The first movie i tried to watch, ” The Room ” kept losing signal – it took XXXX hours to watch XXXX hour of the movie! Another call to XXXX, and they said they were sending best signal but never did – On XXXX XXXX, i spent over 2/1/2 hours on the phone with XXXX different reps, they kept dropping my calls, XXXX HAS NOW TURNED ME INTO COLLECTION!! i have more proof but no more room to write – please please help me get some justice for their unethical business practices thank you!

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