False statements or representation

First, This debt is a result of an apartment rental lease, in which my dependent/student niece was only name as an occupant. From day one, I made numerous complaints in reference to bugs, flooding and mold, to name a few. I made numerous calls to maintenance, management and even the emergency line about the flooding. My mother was visiting from XXXX and my niece has both XXXX and XXXX to XXXX ( XXXX ), so it was beyond awful. I had been deceived by the initial walk through as the walls were freshly painted and carpet was new. Once I decided to vacate, I informed XXXX in advance, in writing, with no timely response. Partly due to onsite management changing 3 times within the 3 months of my stay. Once I spoke to management and then upper management at XXXX, I was asked to leave within days, which was not doable. I even tried to pay and assured the company that not only would I pay, Id surely leave the dwelling in better condition than I found it. I have many photos as proof. Not only did they return my final payment to me, They attempted to collect beyond what was due ; dispite the fact that the apartment was rented to an XXXX family ( with whom I visited ), within a few days of my moving, which is illegal in XXXX Once, I received notice from the collection agency ( after it was forwarded by USPS from my previous address ), I responded to dispute the bill via phone calls, email/fax and via their websites ‘ portal. I made contact with and/or wrote letters of complaint to various governmental agencies.agencies. I have n’t heard from them again, until recently … Rent recovery called my mothers ‘ house in XXXX in an attempt to reach my niece, who did not sign and has never signed a lease. Since, they have even put the negative debt on her credit report, as well!!!

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