False statements or representation

West asset mgmnt has been agressively calling and harassing me for a payment at late hours in the day even calling my work on the medical balance that was paid through insurance in first place. I was imbarrased by collection calls at my work and decided to pay this collection to make them go away. When I called I asked if they would remove this collection from my report if I paid it and I was assured by XXXX XXXX that if full payment was made they would send a deletion request to all XXXX bureaus and have this collection removed from my report. I paid in full for the collection which was fraudulent in first place with hopes that it will make them go away for good. However, it is now has been 10 months and this collection is still reporting on my credit report and I ‘m still getting letters from the collection company. I attempted to contact them several times to request this to be deleted but they are stating that they are NOT reporting this to the bureaus and that I should call bureaus with my dispute, however when I called XXXX CRAs I was told that West asset verified and validated the accuracy of this collection thus bureaus would NOT remove it unless I had an official deletion letter from them, which they are not releasing to me stating that they do not do this on inactive accounts.. this has been very fraustraghting and I do n’t know what else to do to get this off my credit report. Please help!!!

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