False statements or representation

XXXX issued me XXXX with a {$12000.00} limit. I lost my job in XXXX and had trouble making payments. In XXXX XXXX, I entered in to a payment plan to pay $ XXXX/month. On my credit report XXXX reported I owed {$12000.00} and paid $ XXXX/month. XXXX debt collector, XXXX XXXX and Protas, Spivok & Collins XXXX LLC reported I owed {$15000.00} and could not be found for payment. Therefore, XXXX ‘s collection company sought to collect for the same debt simultaneously and for more money.
In XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX, the attorney for XXXX, filed for judgment when a payment was received by his law firm a few days late. The judgment increased my debt from {$12000.00} to {$17000.00}! I NEVER received a summons. I was not present in court to defend myself. I wrote after the fact to inform the court and my protest fell on deaf ears.
To date, I have paid XXXX {$10000.00} for the XXXX. I learned today that a legal hold/garnishment was placed on my XXXX bank account for {$15000.00}! I have paid {$10000.00} and now XXXX seeks an additional {$15000.00}. When I asked Protas, Spivok & Collins XXXX LLC why they requested {$15000.00}, they told me to file suit in XXXX XXXX Court. I have fulfilled my obligation and paid {$200.00} for XXXX XXXX. I am paying my debt, yet being punished. I had approximately {$1500.00} in my account and my paycheck for {$2200.00} will be direct deposited on XXXX XXXX, XXXX. XXXX will receive over {$12000.00}, which was the maximum card limit. It is unconscionable that I am being forced to pay an additional {$15000.00}. XXXX sought garnishment for more than twice the amount I owe.

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