False statements or representation

XXXX I purchased a refrigerator, microwave oven and a television from Conn ‘s Plus Appliances. They delivered the items a week later. Upon delivery I expressed that I did not want them to install the microwave or the television because it was to expensive and I had someone else install the tv. Two days later my husband returned the microwave because it was not the one I originally selected and it was the wrong size and did not fit the inlet space over my stove. They charged me a restocking fee for returning the microwave and have NEVER adjusted my original bill to reflect the deduction for the returned microwave or deducted the charges for the installation of the tv. I payed the monthly bill ( late 2 times ), initially they were harassing me and calling me at work. I asked them not to call me at work and they stopped. XX/XX/XXXX I tried paying the balance off but it is incorrect and I refused to pay the incorrect balance. My payment is due on the XXXX of the month and they call at least 10 times a day for the payment. My husband and I have been to the store and no one is ever there that we can speak with. When they call me at home and I inquire about an adjusted ( corrected ) bill, they say they are transferring me to customer service and the line goes dead. I am at my wits end. I am considering getting a lawyer. I ‘ve tried reaching someone at their home office in Texas, to no avail. I went to their website and it was full of complaints ( I submitted one also ). Please help me get resolution in this matter ASAP!

Very, very DISGUSTED P.S. My initial monthly payment was late because I was told the first payment was not due till XX/XX/XXXX but it was actually due on XX/XX/XXXX ; I requested my payment date be changed to the XXXX of the month and that was a big hassle also.

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