False statements or representation

On XX/XX/XXXX , I went to the gas station to fill up a loaner while my car was repaired. Much to my surprise my card was denied. Another customer told me there ‘s was also so I assumed it was the gas station and went down the street. The same thing happened but this time I decided to call XXXX XXXX be cause I was in a rough area. Much to my surprise I was told my account had a hold and given a toll free number to call! I called eight times and only reached voicemail – finally I left a message. The following day I called again – this time I reached a person. I was advised I had a tax debt to the State of XXXX fro m XX/XX/XXXX , XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX . Is n ‘t there a statue of limitations? Do n’t they need to advise me? Not to mention I live in XXXX now. The representative asked me how much was on hold and where I banked. Assuming they already knew, I gave her the information. The representative told me the only way she could release the hold was if I paid in full by credit card. I tried to reason with the representative and explain the hardship – that coincidentally my lights were cut off and I was already experiencing financial hardship after the death of my mother. Can I make payments? No. Regardless, that they took every dime I own. I hung up the phone and called my bank as well as the State to no avail. While I spoke to the bank, I pulled up my bank account and noticed a debit for {$1200.00}. While I was asking for an arrangement the representative processed a debit! Surely, this can not be legal! To imagine the State of XXXX allows malicious collection activities at the discretion of Premiere Credit! I can not explain the hardship this has caused – currently I am unable to pay m y XX/XX/XXXX re nt, I borrowed a payday loan in order to restore my electric, my car payment was past due ( fortunately they deferred my payment ) and my car insurance is due. I attempted to prevent my next check from being direct deposited but it appear s it may not have been processed – so they will consume another {$1500.00}! I just received a notice from XXXX about the hold/levy o n XX/XX/XXXX .

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