False statements or representation

I purchased UNDER XXXX XXXX WRITTEN CONTRACT … a NEW PHONE … & with a BUNDLING package deal … .aka … XXXX / XXXX XXXX COMBINED CONTRACT! WHEN XXXX CHECKED MY PAST HISTORY, an outstanding account showed up … ..UNDER A FALSE NAME OF XXXX XXXX … NOT ME! XXXX CHARGED ME A {$350.00} DEPOSIT UNTIL XXXX XXXX DID A IDENITY INVESTIGATION .. . 3-4 da ys later, XXXX CONTACTED ME & stated that IDENITY was proven inaccurate & they LIFTED THE TEMPORARY HOLD … . XXXX XXXX WOULD BE OUT TO INSTALL UNDER CONTRACTUAL BUNDLING PUTCHASED & THAT I WOULD RECIEVE MY {$350.00} back in 72 hours!!!!! THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED … .WHEN I DIDNT RECIEVE MY DEPOSIT BACK & XXXX XXXX BILLED ME … .with NOTHING RVER RECEIVED FROM MY XXXX CONTRACT!!!! I contacted Store manager, Corporate Headquarters, spoke numerous times to XXXX & XXXX . Got to the point of contacting XXXX XXXX Legal Dept, requesting Arbitration!!!! I was told by XXXX AT THIS POINT TO RETURN ALL EQUIPMENT, which I did!!! They turned me over to XXXX XXXX for non-receipt of equipment!!! AFTER CALLING & sending them my return tracking # …. The dispute was removed from my credit reporting agencies … ..Investigated & settled! Now in the midst of refinancing my home, a new charge from XXXX XXXX -ENHANCED RECOVERY COLLECTIONS TURNS ME OVER AGAIN FOR {$480.00} for BREAKING MY CONTRACT ” Early Termination ” FEE!!!!! I called Enchanced RECOVERY … & Again disputed XXXX XXXX . I was not given a reference # from them, explained that XXXX FAILRD TO BUNDLE, I did not order XXXX XXXX TO INSTALL, that XXXX DID AFYER LIFT IFF MY IDENITY ISSU E IN 2015! I CONTINUE TO CALL XXXX ” Originator ” & have Gotten numourous apologies, BUT IT HAS NEVER BEEN CORRECTED!!!!! I have been mis-lead, harassed by collection agencies upon my credit reporting agencies, BUT HAVE NEVER BEEN CONTACTED BY XXXX OR XXXX BY MAIL THAT THIS WAS HAPPENING!!!!! This is pure fraud! I have not received my {$350.00} deposit back, never BUNDLED, NEVER GOT CONTRACTED BUNDLING PACKAGE & have been through XXXX XXXX legal!!!!! This is against the law! I just called XXXX XXXX AGAIN … They tell me they ca n’t tell me anything because I Do not have a reference # from Enhanced Recovery. I again try to contact Enhanced Recovery & they tell me it ‘s been sent back to XXXX SINCE ORIGINAL DIDPUTE WAS SETTLED & Released after filing dispute with prior collection agency & after investigating, Was closed & deleted???????? They would not give me any additional info!!!! Therefore, XXXX TELLS ME I CANT PROCEED WITH MY CLAIM AGAINST THEM ” Originator of Bundling Contract ” Without # of reference from Enhanced Recovery!!!!! What in the heck am I supposed to do to get my deposit back from XXXX XXXX that was supposed to be released in 2015 & How the heck can XXXX GET AWAY WITH THIS!!! M y credit score has dropped, myI am XXXX XXXX XXXX , I have made numerous trips to Corp XXXX stores & numerous phone calls!!!!!! XXXX HAS NOT TAKEN RESPONSIBILITY FOR ” FAILURE TO HONOR ORIGINAL BUNDLE AGREEMENT “. I have suffered FINANCIALLY, emotionally & physically!!! I am under Medical care & their error … .which they ADMIT!!!!! .., continues ON!!!!! Please, help This mis-leading, null & voided contract, my {$350.00} to be refunded & once & for all, XXXX aka XXXX STOP THIS!!!! I did not authorize Installation of XXXX XXXX WITHOUT RECEIVING HOLD LIFTED … Identoty fraud … .as well as hand writing thin on XXXX XXXX ‘s INSTALLERS PAPERWORK!!!!!!! They ar e RESPONSIBLE!!!! !!! Please, before civil action under FCDPA, HELP THEM TO CLEAR MY ACCOUNT UP IN FULL & maybe save another VICTIM TO THEIR BLAME GAME BUNDLING CONTRACT!! Thank you & I so appreciate & look forward to your response.

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