False statements or representation

I n XX/XX/XXXX , I w as resubmitting an application for housing at the apartment complex I was residing due to the complex being bought by another company. I was informed at that time {$5000.00} was on my credit report from Rent Recovery Solutions. I was also told Rent Recovery had in fac t put another charge of {$5000.00} on my credit, both reported on XX/XX/XXXX . I have disputed both of these charges with Rent Recovery Solutions and the credit reporting agencies as well and yet it remains! Because of this, I have been homeless for th e last 7 almost 8 m onths. As I have continuously explained, I never signed a contract with this company. I can not even begin to fathom how a company can charge a person XXXX different amounts and on the same day! It is beyond maddening that NOT ONE single person can see there is an issue!

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