False statements or representation

I purchased a Washer {$790.00} Dryer {$790.00}, Hoses {$50.00}, Compact Air Conditioner {$410.00}, Headphones {$350.00} Steam Vacume {$240.00} Microwave {$170.00}, and installation {$110.00}. plus taxes total of {$3400.00} When I went into the store to purchase these items I had a {$2000.00} line of credit but as I was shopping and running out of credit the salesman said you have enough and approved me for another {$1000.00}. They had a promotion that week for 2 years no intrest. I was told that I would be getting the contract by e-mail that night or the next day. What I received about 2 weeks later was a payment book with the amount of {$190.00} to be payed monthly, I received no contract even though I called them after delivery of the microwave, washer dryer, which was delivered 2 days after purchase. around XX/XX/XXXX. My call to them was that I was being charged over {$6000.00} when I only had {$2000.00} credit! Also they delivered the wrong washer, Also they added an Insurance Plan which I did not authorize in the amount of {$3100.00} from XX/XX/XXXX to XX/XX/XXXX at {$44.00} monthly. The person I spoke to when I called the 1st time could not help me since she could not locate a contract #, or purchase order # or anything for that matter. So I called them back a week later and the answer was to go to the store that I purchased these things at and bring a homeowners insurance policy to show that I am covered in case something happens to the items. And then they would cancel the insurance that they charged me for. According to their rules I had 30 days to send back anything I did n’t want. But as of today I have still not received a contract. Nor did I get the 2 years no interest this I got from the person I spoke to on the phone.. I told her that I am XXXX and do not have anyway of bringing these items back to the store and it stated on their website that they would pick up these things but with a 15 % restock fee which they wanted upfront. { not stated on their website }! So all together for a purchase of {$3400.00}. I got a total bill of over {$6000.00}, but no contract specifying the purchase prices, the type of financing, interest and term or any other terms and conditions, just a bill incorporating many extra insurance products for an amount exceeding my credit limit by an extraordinary amount and further no creditor would extend that much credit to someone who lives on {$800.00} a month social sercurity XXXX, the income would never support it! 2 or 3 days after I made the purchase, I contacted Conn ‘s and told them to pick up everything except for the microwave. But they have not come to pickup anything, and I can not bring them to the store. All of these things except for the microwave, washer and dryer and air conditioner have not been used and are still in the original boxes.

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