False statements or representation

I am purchasing a home & 30 days prior to closing, my credit is run again and an account with IC Systems appears as a new collection account opened in XXXX XXXX for {$530.00}. I called IC Systems many time s trying to identify where they were getting their information. I knew I had n’t opened anything … I was trying to close on a home & this was preventing it. They gave me the line … ” this is an attempt to collect a debt ‘ & only wanted to know how I was going to take care of it. I explained this had to be a mistake because I had n’t opened anything. They said what they reported they received from the creditor. On another call to IC Systems, I ag ain try to explain the information they are reporting is not accurate. I again, am given the ” this is an attempt to collect a debt ‘ line & how would I like to pay ” line and If I do not like what is being reported, I can go through the bureaus and dispute it. On my 3rd to IC Systems, they again give the ” this is an attempt to collect a debt ‘ line & how would I like to pay ” line and I am trying to plead my case to them that the information is not accurate & they are costing me my home. They say if I just go ahead a pay it, they can update with the bureaus over the weekend and it would show paid on my credit reports the following week, as paid. I find this more than frustrating. After more investigating, I discovered XXXX collection accounts on my credit report from XXXX – XXXX f rom the same creditor equaling the {$530.00} that had been removed in XXXX . I called IC Systems for th e 4th tim e and again get ” this is an attempt to collect a debt ‘ line & h ow would I like to pay ” I am furious because now I know this information is being reported inaccurate for sure. I asked how they could report that information to the bureaus knowing it was false. They again tell me to pay or dispute. I also went online to their website on XXXX & filed a complaint there. It said someone would contact me … still waiting. I then called XXXX XXXX in hopes they would clear this up. The representative confirmed it was from XXXX but maybe it was sold or something to another collector. I asked that they change how they reported that & she said they could n’t because it was sold … wow! No help … Truly & helplessly unreal!

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