False statements or representation

I opened up a membership at XXXX and had my husband on the account also. I do n’t go to the gym but he lives there, we were under the impression that every time he paid his bill mine was getting paid also. Apparently this was not the case. Only his membership was getting paid. He did end up taking about a month off working out in which time we moved. In XXXX when he was able to continue his workout routine he updated his billing information and asked how much he owed. This amounted to a little over XXXX we were both surprised and thankfull, I began to go to the Gym with my husband in XXXX. After about a week of going to the Gym everyday I found out from a rep at the converse location last friday XX/XX/2017 that my account was no good and that i owed a balance of XXXX I asked if our accounts are connected how the XXXX did the balance grow like that when he ‘s going to the gym all the time and my new card to the account in XXXX. He advized me that the account update should have updated mine also. He referred me to corporate to figure out why it did not and told me it was their mistake. He was very helpful and nice. Not the case with the corporate office. Oh and then I also got a call from a collection agency they placed my account in collections! I was livid that they would do so. When I called corporate on XX/XX/2017 and spoke to XXXX i was told that the last payment date on my husbands account was XX/XX/XXXX but they term’ed his membership on XX/XX/XXXX yesterday. What the XXXX you take my money and term his membership and that mine is pending termination. How can mine not be terminated already if it ‘s in collections!!!!!!!!!!!!! His was terminated for MINE being over 120 day ‘s past due. She told me that when an account is updated for an ADD-On it does n’t transfer to the primary only does it automatically when done for the primary. This is opposite of what she had said earlier she also stated that our accounts were separated in XXXX but could not tell me why. I asked to speak to a supervisor. The suporvisor got on the line and confimred that add on does n’t auto update the primary asked how there could be such a past due when he came in in XXXX said he wanted to pay his past due and they said he owed onbly a little. She said that when our accounts separated his past due stayed with mine so that made his billing when he updated in XXXX only for XXXX and XXXX that ‘s it. I asked how he was able to add MY card to HIS account if it was separated at that time. She said he should n’t have been able to since it was my card. She asked if I wanted to update my billing info I asked how it would resolve she said my payment would auto process for the XXXX they claim I owe I said XXXX no. if anythign I should dispute the payments my husband made how can you say our accounts are separate now but say that you terminate his because of mine when he ‘s paying, how can you debit my card for his accoutn then cancel him XXXX days later? I asked for a manager she said she is one she offered to waive 3 10 dollar late fees. I laughed, you want to waive 30 in fees when i owe a balance that should already have been long since resolved if not for the misinformation provideed by mulitple employees for this company. She said in order to speak to someone higher than her I would have to submit the request in writing. total bull.

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