False statements or representation

I was contacted by their company to consolidate my loans, the man on the phone said it was the right thing to do and he cared about my problems. I was already paying another company {$5.00} a month, but was told consolidating with their company was the way to go. The man on the phone said it was easy and would walk me through all the steps on the computer. Of course, it was not easy and took much longer than expected. The man spoke very quickly … I had little time to think about the decisions I was making, I just would click the buttons and move on. I chose the REPAYE payment plan which showed that I should only pay about XXXX-XXXX dollars per month as I make XXXX per year and care for my invalid mother. Now I have received a bill from their company for {$400.00} per month! One is already overdue! Worse yet, I went to the Dept. Of Ed. website and my student loans have appeared to double!!! As their company AND the previous company are showing me owing them both for the same student loan! I thought I was doing the right thing, I wanted to get my loans in order after years of neglecting them … but this company has taken my trust and used it to their advantage! I will never be able to make these payments!

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