False statements or representation

Approx. 18 months ago, I began paying monthly payments via check to The Collection Bureau of Walla Walla Inc ( CBWW ). I have NEVER missed a payment up to this day. Approx 12 months ago, a Cease and Desist Order was placed on this account by me which was repeatedly ignored by CBWW causing me to purchase extra features on my phone in order to Block Calls from CBWW. On XXXX/XXXX/16, I was served a lawsuit by CBWW demanding full payment to the tune of {$1700.00} despite only owing {$900.00} at this time. Several attempts to request ANY copies of me acknowledging owing this bill AND copies of ANY payment arrangements signed by me have not been provided. On XXXX/XXXX/16, I spoke via telephone to a CBWW employee named XXXX who admitted that I never signed ANY paperwork accepting responsibility for this bill AND she ALSO admitted that I never signed ANY payment arrangement with CBWW. AFTER I was served, the CBWW actually cashed ANOTHER check from me for {$35.00}. These creditors are being paid every month and are even cashing my checks AFTER I was served!! This lawsuit is illegal and unnecessary causing me an additional {$600.00} bucks plus almost 2 years of interest which is an outrageous illegal scam to rack up fees to purposely keep me in debt. This collection company has a systemic fraudulent office practice of knowingly racking up debtors cases when the total due amount gets lower than {$1000.00} purposely causing debtors to represent themselves in civil court, where they often lose and BINGO another {$600.00} bucks is added to their file. In my case, I have NEVER acknowledged even owing this bill, never signed any payment arrangement, and have a clean perfect record of paying every month!

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